GOAL SETTING by Ed Bernd Jr. and Ian Pollock

Ideas from many top Silva Method trainers were combined in this book by Ed Bernd Jr. and Ian Pollock to help you clarify your goals and develop strategies for implementing action on your projects. Includes guidance to help you establish priorities, make decisions, and set goals so that you will get what you want out of life more quickly.

£7.99 -

THE SILVA METHOD by Jose Silva and Philip Miele

The revolutionary program by the founder of the world’s most famous self-empowerment course. This is the original and complete text of The Silva Method formerly referred to as Silva Mind Control and now retitled and reprinted – perhaps the most vital, most important book you will ever read. Book authored by Jose Silva and Philip Miele.

£10.99 -

MIND MASTERY by Tag Powell

This book by Tag Powell., guides you step-by-step to learn to apply the Silva Method mental techniques to maintain - and to regain if necessary - perfect health and obtain mind mastery. One of the best written books about the Silva Method, and required reading for everyone who wants to be healthy, happy, and successful.

£9.99 -

SILVA METHOD REMOTE VIEWING 8 CD SET by Dennis Higgins and John La Tourette.

GET READY TO EXPLORE YOUR 'INNER SPACE' AND UNLOCK YOUR MIND'S TRUE POTENTIAL!  Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. This unique mind technology will help you in every area of your life: health, relationships, business, personal growth, and your purpose in life. 8 CDs + 2 Bonus CDs

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Take a quantum leap toward leading a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life. The Silva Method equips you with the tools you need to evaluate your productivity, increase your creativity, supercharge your problem-solving capability. Robert B.Stone is an author and lecturer on human potential. He has travelled the world over several times, presenting seminars and workshops on the Silva Method. 7 CDs + CD ROM

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Track 1 -- Long Relax Exercise guided by Phyllis Pollock.
Track 2 – Alpha sound for healing and meditation.

£10.00 -


Track 1 – Introduction
Track 2 -- Changing Limiting Beliefs Exercise
Track 3 -- Mirror of the Mind For Goal Setting and Problem Solving.

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Several classic texts that have helped countless people manifest abundance.
PDF format – requires adobe acrobat reader which can be downloaded free at www.adobe.com/acrobat

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Track 1 – Theta sound for a deeper meditation. Track 2 – Alpha sound for your own healing and programming.

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Self Healing Artwork

by Kaykhosrow Samiya.


CD 1

1 Mental Power Magnets 15:53
(With Alpha sound in the background) Instantly shift you thinking from negative to positive and receive a boost of harmonious thoughts and neutralize all negativity.

2 Fantastic Voyage 18:20
(With Theta sound in the background) Journey through your body to bless and send gratitude and respect to different parts of your body. This develops an attitude of gratitude, which puts into motion the Law of Attraction for perfect health throughout your body.

3 Pillar of Light 20:16
(With Alpha sound in the background) Put a shield of safety, protection, peace, harmony and love around you, your family and all your loved ones and possessions.

4 Laying on of Hands 13:30
(With Theta sound in the background) Use the Silva Laying on of Hands technique for healing.

CD 2

1 Charka Balancing 46:05
(With special music in the background) Balance all of the seven chakras or energy centres of the body to enjoy total harmony and balance on all levels.

2 Alpha Sound 10:00
Used for deep relaxation and spiritual work.

3 Theta Sound 10:00
Used for deep relaxation and physical healing work.

CD 3

1 Karma Clearing 32:45
(With Theta sound in the background) Neutralize all effects of past Karma from your existence. You will sense a feeling of lightness and clearing as a result of this exercise.

2 Thumb in the Middle of the Forehead and Stealth 14:35
(With Theta sound in the background) Use the Stealth technique to make yourself invisible and also trigger survival mechanism via the Thumb in the middle of the forehead techniques.

3 Standard Holistic Healing Cycle 19:35
(With Theta sound in the background) You are taught the fantastic Silva Standard Holistic Healing Cycle for localized and generalized health issues.

CD 4

1 Forgiveness 51:37
(With Alpha sound in the background) A powerful forgiveness session where you will lift all feelings of guilt associated with you loved ones and friends.

2 Glass of Water Technique 15:53
(With Alpha sound in the background) Program water for healing and energy boost.

Chakras script, copyright of Martin Brofman, Ph.D.

Study Pack Artwork

by Robert B Stone


This is the perfect CD set to get you and your loved ones started with discovering the potential of your own mind. It is a Nightingale Conant product and it is still their best selling Silva product. Quite simply the late Dr. Robert B. Stone PhD MIT and founder Jose Silva do a tremendous job at getting you familiarized with Silva. This album is an excellent introduction for those who are not graduates of the Silva Method Basic Lecture Series and serves as a great way to reinforce this programming for those who have already graduated. These CDs will guide you to the alpha level and through many of the techniques of the Silva Method and The Alpha Reinforcement Exercise CD with Jose Silva is added as a bonus.

CD1: The Amazing Power of Your Mind

1. The human mind - a magnificent organ 2. Jose Silva’s discovery 3. The first step 4. The Silva Method in action 5. The first exercise 6. The alpha level 7. The next conditioning cycle 8. Laura Silva on the conditioning cycle 9. Using both hemispheres of the brain 10. Laura Silva on ideal relaxation

CD2: The importance of Mental Housecleaning

1. Getting rid of negative self-programming 2. Doing some mental housecleaning 3. Taking steps toward a more positive way of life 4. The conditioning cycle 5. Laura Silva on extended relaxation. Achieving Your Goals with the Mental Screen 6. Making the mental screen work for you 7. The power of visualization and imagination 8. A question regarding the Mental-Screen technique 9. The Three-Fingers technique 10. The Three-Fingers technique

CD3: Powerful Problem-Solving Techniques: At Work

1. Alpha thinking and problem solving 2. Five things to do upon awakening 3. The important event programming with the Three-Picture technique 4. The case of Nathan J. 5. Nancy’s story 6. Reinforcing what you’ve learned with a final case study. Powerful Problem-Solving Techniques: At Home 7. Looking at people’s minds 8. Subjectively communicating 9. The intuitive wisdom of your dreams 10. Laura Silva on dream recall 11. The Glass-of-Water technique 12. Laura Silva on conditioning the Glass-of-Water technique

CD4: Mental Discipline: How to be More Like a Genius

1. What intelligence really is 2. Memory exercises 3. Programming yourself to use the Memory Peg system 4. Checking your progress 5. Conditioning the Three-Fingers technique for stronger programming. Using Your Mind to Improve Your Health 6. Laura Silva on the Awake Control technique 7. Tapping the power of your thymus gland 8. Overcoming stress, guilt and loss 9. A seven-step plan to extinguish chronic pain 10. Laura Silva on the Glove Anaesthesia technique 11. Using the Silva Method for better all-around health

CD5: Gaining Habit Control with the Mirror of the Mind

1. Benefits of using the Mirror of the Mind technique 2. Laura Silva on conditioning the Mirror of the Mind technique 3. Applying this technique to specific problems 4. Laura Silva on programming Habit Control. Creating Your Own Mental Laboratory 5. Building your ideal inner space 6. Bringing in an expert 7. Creating the room 8. Using the powers of the mind 9. The best approach to healing

CD6: Discovering Your Ability for Clairvoyance and ESP

1. Developing right-brained points of reference 2. Jose’s experience and a touch of genius 3. Making yourself right-brained educated 4. Some alpha exercises 5. Laura Silva on right-brained conditioning. Glimpses of a Silva Future 6. Five steps to continue your self-transformation 7. A shift in the understanding of human consciousness 8. How life will be different when we all use both hemispheres of the brain 9. Where do you fit? 10. A conditioning exercise to program personal and planetary changes

CD7 Bonus CD:

A. Alpha Reinforcement Exercise with Jose Silva A quick and easy means for reinforcing your ability to enter the alpha level with the 3-to-1 method. This exercise, designed for daily practice, is accompanied by the “Alpha Sound” to help you maintain your level and make better use of your mental powers.

B.The Alpha Sound. Listening to this sound will help you enter and maintain your alpha level. It is useful to hear while practicing any of the Silva techniques. It is also a healing rhythm and, when played by itself, can help to alleviate physical or mental distress.

CD8: Instruction Booklet on CD Rom